Thursday, November 30, 2017


Eighteen months or so ago when Steve and I decided to sell our house, officially retire and become professional, full-time house-sitters we knew we’d be living off of our savings and the bits we earned as digital nomads (since, believe it or not, we’re not yet old enough for pensions). But we also knew we wouldn’t have the stress of running a business or owning a house, and that we’d have the freedom to do whatever we wanted and help people everywhere. Not a bad outlook?

Especially after the few eventful years we’d had before that. The idea of such freedom was truly appealing (even if unpredictable, risky and the cause of a few raised eyebrows amongst friends).

Still we discovered something insightful this weekend when a friend came to visit (as well as eating some very yummy homemade biscuits she brought). She told us about a house-sitting stall she’d just seen at a local shire fete, so I have a question for you…

Did you know that some house-sitters and house-sitting agencies charged? And not just a pittance either! Upwards of a hundred a week depending on the pets being looked after!

And there we are doing it for free!

I mean, yes we knew that we could be saving homeowners a fair bit on kennel fees for their pups and pets, but we were also aware that we were getting free accommodation, power, water, internet and odd bits and pieces. Still… so much! I guess it explains why some homeowners are so generous with gifts, gift cards, and food.

It’s okay, don’t panic, we’re not going to start charging! We still think that house and pet-sitting is a more than fair exchange for our accommodation and bits.

Still, in response to so many queries… Steve has just put a link at the bottom of each page on our House Sitting Life site that links directly to my Paypal account. It’s perfect for anybody who cares to buy us a coffee (or even a pizza) as a thank you.

Such generosity is not essential or expected though, but to anybody who feels inclined, THANK YOU!


  1. What a wonderful world it would be if everybody thought like you and Steve. good luck in all that you do.


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