Monday, November 20, 2017

Anyone Up For A Cute Animal Pic?

Have you visited our Facebook page yet? 

It’s a great way to stay in touch with what we’re up to, where we are, what’s happening, plus last minute surprises and all kinds of things… BUT, to be honest… none of those are the real reason we (or should that be ‘I’) work so hard to try and put up regular posts.

The main reason is because when you’re out there travelling the world, I’m told it’s usually cheaper to log on to Facebook than it is to email or phone somebody.

A simple statement, but it has quite a big impact on house-sitting.

What's that? Put simply… it make’s it cheaper for you to stay in touch with us (if you feel the need to). You can either Message me through Facebook or log-on and keep up-to-date with photos of your pets, garden or home. Of course not everybody wants to stay in touch with us whilst their away - for some reason people just want to go off and have a wonderful time elsewhere, imagine that! But occasionally there are urgent matters we need to solve or have solved. Other times just leaving precious and endearing animals in the hands of complete strangers can be challenging and require regular reassurance, and why not when you consider that most of the pets we care for are rescued or exceptionally young and being left for the first time.

And you thought all those cute animal pics were on the HouseSittingLife Facebook page just to make you smile and because we knew you all liked looking at cute animal pics! Fancy that!

Well maybe they are, but it’s also all part of the service, something to help you enjoy your trip away even more.

Still the response we’re getting to all the cute pics is wonderful - thank you. We’re so glad you like them. And if you haven’t found them or our Facebook page yet it’s under HouseSittingLife. Definitely worth a trip - who knows what you’ll find posted on that page…

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