Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Traditions

Everyone has Christmas traditions, right?

When I was growing up we had so many… the whole family would get together, including my Grandma and grand-aunt who would spend their Senior’s bonus’ on a 113km taxi ride from their place to ours, which would then mean me moving out of my bedroom so they had somewhere to sleep. Later we’d go singing Christmas carols in the snow, and I’d have fun making Christmas crackers, helping trim the tree, icing the cake (the list goes on and on)…

Of course, that all changed when I was 23, got married and emigrated! For starters there was no snow… plus there was no way on earth a Government Senior’s Christmas bonus would cover the cost of a taxi from Southampton to Perth!

But Steve’s family had their own traditions, the main one being everyone going out to a restaurant on the 25th for lunch. Something we enjoyed for many years. Then as years passed those traditions became more Santa focused (as they often do).

But what now? Life has changed so much and I have to admit it’s been a while since Santa has had children here to visit. Besides how would he even find us with all our moving around.

Nothing is predictable! Not even seeing all our grown-up family now that they’ve started their own, continually changing, and exciting lives in a variety of places across Australia and the world.

Still, I was coming back from the shops last night (having bought a trolley-load of veggies to feed our family of vegitarian, vegan and traditional roast eaters who we’re lucky enough to have here this Christmas Day) and what did i see… carol singers! There might not have been any snow, woollen scarves or even cold feet, but I did have to pause as I saw the group all standing in the dark under a street lamp!

(No, don’t be silly, of course that wasn’t a tear in my eye as I joined in ‘Deck the Halls’!)

So what are our traditions now - now that we have no family living at home (or home come to that) or even a box of Christmas deckies to dig out from the back of the cupboard? Simple really, our new tradition is… believe it or not… that every Christmas will be different (with family if possible, and if not them, then with Skype).

Because let’s face it, no matter where we are, who we’re with or what our traditions are, one thing can always be the same… the emotions and generosity of Christmas! In most cases that’s just a choice.

(This she says having just made a huge batch of mince pies in an unfamiliar oven, shadowed by somebody else’ pets, in an unknown location, while singing along to an endless playlist of carols.)


We hope you all have a wonderful festive season too, full of lots of smiles, new traditions and new memories (and maybe the odd Christmas carol)!


  1. Oh what memories your blog brought home to me

    1. That doesn't surprise me! I found it amazing how many memories came back just writing this blog post.
      There are so many memories of coming home each Christmas on the London underground with bags packed with cream cakes and baked goods when I worked in the London patisserie Or how about the time when I bought you a rug and wrapped it up as a 5ft Christmas cracker and carried that home as well?
      And this is just two memories that came to mind...


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