Tuesday, October 17, 2017

One Bruise Or Two?

Well, if you’re in Western Australia like us you’d have to admit that we are now entering short-wearing weather… not consistently, but I’m pretty sure we will be any week now. For us (and our lifestyle) it’s brought all kinds of predictable seasonal adjustments, but this year it’s also brought an expected realisation. 

Well, maybe not for Steve, but definitely for me… So what was it?

Simply put, how many bruises I have on my legs and the fact that I don’t really have the vaguest idea where the majority of them came from! Let’s face it there are over a dozen, large, rainbow-coloured ones all over my legs and I had hardly any idea how they got there!

Yes, I know there are those I got almost a fortnight back when I went bike riding and lost my balance turning a corner. Not that I was really aware of how badly I landed at the time - funnily enough the stack of biting ants who attacked me for landing on their nest kind of distracted me from that at the time.

Then there were the bruises I got on my shins a few days later whilst running up the stairs all because I was too impatient to wait for the lift.

All those I accept, it’s the others that confused me. I mean how could I get so many hefty bruises and not know where they came from? It’s not like I’m overly athletic or lead a boisterous life. But this many bruises in short-wearing weather was definitely something I would rather avoid for various reasons.

The first step though was to discover what was causing them and that, my friends, is something I’ve spent many days trying to figure out. Yet only finally figured out this morning!

There I was snuggled up in bed, drifting back and forth between consciousness, a selection of thoughts in my mind (including the quandary about the bruises) when one of the large and endearing pups we’re currently caring for jumped on the bed and, as usual, landed on me! I can’t believe it took me so long to figure it out! After all, let’s face it, two large puppies landing on you numerous times every morning is bound to leave some impression, isn’t it?

All I can say is… good job they’re so cute. And… hey, I can’t help it if they prefer to jump on my side of the bed rather than Steve’s, can I?


  1. Oh no ! Im so sorry Lizzie, maybe swap sides haha.(Dale)

    1. HaHa! No big deal, Dale :-) Besides, despite them both sleeping on my side (and keeping my feet warm) they both chose to jump up on Steve's side last night - maybe they read the blog :-)


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