Monday, October 9, 2017

Car, Shed or Wheelbarrow?

Isn’t it amazing how many things we hold on to just in case ‘they might be useful’? I guess most of us would only have to go for a quick rummage through our shed, spare room, back cupboard or attic to find a few ‘possibly useful’ things.

We certainly have over the years, but wouldn’t you think that when we carry just about everything we actively need with us that we’d have nothing that falls into that category, but… believe it or not… you’d be wrong!

After 14 months on the road Steve and I decided to do another downsize and I have to admit to being somewhat surprised by exactly how much we’ve been holding on to simply because it ‘might be useful’. Some for a possible business idea, others for possible events or situations, and some purely because we hadn’t thought about parting with it, but either way we’ve been carrying a whole load of stuff we didn’t need! And let’s face it, with so little space why cart around so much (packing and unpacking it every few weeks) simply because it might be useful?

Besides wouldn’t it be better to pass the unused things on to people who need them now, confident in the knowledge that IF we truly did need the item we’d come up with the perfect (but maybe alternative) solution like Macgyver, find exactly what we wanted on Special at Good Sammy’s or Target, or simply… what the heck… make do with what we have.

Truth is, I guess, that most of us have (or have had at some time) more than we really need to live our life, yet it’s not until we have to pare down everything to fit (or have it pared down for us) that we realise what’s a true essential and what’s simply excess baggage.

Life on so many levels seems full of items, possibilities and essentials, yet many of them are simply cluttering and obscuring what it is we really want or need.

A thought that was only backed up recently when a friend related a story to me about one of her past relatives who had happily worked in the Australian outback, walking from one job to another with her husband whilst pushing a wheelbarrow that held all their belongings.

Imagine that, everything that was important to you in a wheelbarrow? How our priorities and expectations have changed over the years…

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