Thursday, May 19, 2016

What Do Your Choices Say About You?

How much space do all your essentials for living take up?    
   A three metre by three metre room?
   A two metre by one metre shed?
   A kitchen cupboard?
   A backpack?
Many years ago after we became bankrupt, I wrote an article in which I said that everything you really need in life fits within your arms, and backed it up with a photo of me holding my husband and our two young daughters. I still believe that, and probably always will. But what if you had a little more say in what you got to keep and what you let go of – how much space would you need then?
Recently there was a television show about the new trend of Tiny Homes, and the person moving into one was told all their essentials (in other words, everything they were taking with them) had to fit in a metre square drawn on the ground.
A bit later on a quiz show, contestants were asked to list essentials needed in every home. To which one person answered, ‘television.’
Maybe it’s because we’re in the process of down-sizing and deciding what’s really essential to us that these two situations seemed so extremely opposite. But, I found myself asking, ‘How would you manage to find space in a one-metre square for a television, when the space already contained basic clothing, kitchen equipment, heirlooms, everyday requirements, photos, and so on?’ Who knows, though, maybe there’s no conflict – maybe it all makes perfect sense and it’s just my priorities that are of whack?
Either way, it made me think about my life priorities… again! Not my everyday requirements for living, but my everyday requirements for being.
When we define what our true priorities in life are, I think it clearly defines who we truly are in all aspects of life. That is, of course, if we’re honest with ourselves and choose entirely for ourselves, not being swayed by other people’s views, expectations and nudges.
My priorities, surprise, surprise, all revolve around writing and family.
What about you?
Can you list your five main priorities in life?
Any surprises in your answers?

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