Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Rubbish Dare


If you had to put out a full rubbish bin each week, could you do it?
I know we all, at times, put out bins that are completely full, after the Christmas party perhaps or a weekend when we actually got around to finally doing all that pruning. In fact, if you have a full family at home, chances are you put out a full bin more weeks than not, but what if there were only one or two of you living in your home?
Could you do it on a regular basis?
There’s no doubt that most of us have too many things, but (as I probably say too often) there’s a difference between knowing we’re hoarding too many old, unused things bought in a sale, and actually throwing them out.
Still this is a challenge Steve and I have set ourselves – put out a full rubbish bin each week. This now means I’m rummaging around every weekend to find things it’s not worth selling or recycling, eager to avoid the possibility of a last minute rush and having to hire a rubbish skip because I wasn’t tough enough with myself earlier. The irony in it is that not so long ago we had a humungous pile of bits stacked next to our bin that we never thought we’d get of in time.
My question again therefore is, could you put out a full rubbish bin each week?
Or maybe it shouldn’t be a question, but a dare. That way you can start clearing out the junk you’re hoarding before you have to and while it could still be fun.
Hmm… this brings to mind all those Spring Cleans I carefully avoided.
Do you think there could possibly be such a thing as Penance for Spring Cleans Past…


  1. Most interesting considering our dustman hadn't been for 10 days. The communal rubbish was ankle deep as we have 50 flats here some housing 1 person and some 2 people.
    The rubbish that we throw out is just household rubbish. If we cleared out our unwanted, hoarded items goodness knows how deep the pile would be probably up to our necks. However we do have some good charity shops nearby who always welcome unwanted items and new items are often donated to our monthly raffle.

  2. Your written description brings to mind all kinds of creative rubbish pics, Dorrie. I hope your dustman and his truck appears soon.


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