Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What The Cats And Dogs Say

It’s been an interesting week. To start with, I think this is quite possibly the fifth blog post I’ve written, having discarded the last four. One because I sounded too angry that nobody had had the decency to buy our house yet, one because I was talking about having to get rid of things again, one for some other reason which I can't remember, and one because I only got two sentences into it before getting bored.

Perhaps the struggle to write a half decent post shows more about the frame of mind we’re in at this moment of our adventure process, than any actual entry. Steve and I are so eager to get started in the new stage of our lives that it gets a little tedious at times having to wait around for the world to catch up with us and our plans.

The good news is, however, that the man is back from doing our first official house-sit (on his own because, of course, I needed to stay here and look after our house - that nobody has, as yet, had the decency to buy).

The even better news is that the house-sit was a definite success. The full and glowing review we received for his work is posted on our site, but as a person who has always believed actions should never be overlooked, I think the response of the retired greyhound he cared for is priceless.

As arranged, Steve finished the sit and left the house and pets late afternoon. He and all the animals had got on really well over the three weeks, but Steve and gorgeous greyhound had struck up a real bond during their walks to the park, games of chasey and regular eye-drops.

Later that evening, long after Steve had returned to our home, the owner arrived back to her home and pets. After an exciting three weeks traveling the world she was met at the car by her energetic greyhound, who followed her into the house. However, then, instead of staying with her to play and make a fuss of each other, he instantly left her alone and raced back out to the garage to hunt for Steve!

Such a lovely and insightful story.

To find out the unexpected effect he had on the cats he cared for as well, check out the review in full.

And, if that wasn’t enough to prove things are now heading in the right direction, our house is finally ‘Under Offer’! (Yes, there is at least one decent person out there.)

Please feel free to keep your fingers crossed for us that the offer goes through.

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