Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How Do You Think Other People See You?

It's not something I ask myself particularly often, but it is a question that's crossed my mind a few times recently. After all, if you're offering to look after other people's most trusted things it's important they see you as you truly are.
But then, of course, how you see yourself might not be how others see you…

A long-time friend of ours was chatting to a soon-to-be-holidaying friend about our house-sitting services, when her friend asked her the all-important question:

     'Are they honest and trustworthy?'

     'Yes,' she replied.

     'Are you sure?'

     'Of course, even my boys refer to their family as The Brady Brunch.'

I sniggered for days (if not weeks) after I'd been told about this conversation. Quite a compliment really, and quite possibly true in many ways I guess, but not what I'd expected. Not that I knew what I'd expected, but it did lead to an even stranger thought - Do other people see us that way too? I mean this family have known us as long as we'd been married and their boys for well over twenty, so they should know…

So I ask you again, just for the fun of it, how do you think other people see you?

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