Thursday, March 31, 2016

Not What I Expected!

Today took me by surprise, but probably not for the reasons that might be expected.

There's no doubt that Steve and I are making are a decent sized shift in our life, and that at some point (or points) along the journey the slight steps caused by that shift will reverberate around us.

Already there's been the moment we made the definite decision to take up the adventure, the moment we put our house on the market, when we first agreed with a home-owner to take care of their house, for examples. There are also a few adjustments I'm expecting in the future: when we settle on the house, actually move out, and so.

But today was by far the biggest change for me, both up until now and, I expect, in the future as well! What's more, it didn't happen in the way I expected. So what happened?

Steve drove our eldest daughter to the airport, she's off to study abroad for a year. Then, an hour after they left, our second daughter said 'goodbye,' and went off to catch a bus and stay with a friend for a few days.

All of which left just me (and the dog) alone in the house – not a big deal in itself, you'd have to agree, which is perhaps what threw me. Only I can't remember the last time I was alone for more than the time it takes to pop out to buy a bottle of milk. Of course, the timing probably had something to do with it as well. Maybe it was the being alone in a big house, with the dog and laundry to amuse me, whilst my first-born left home to start an adventure that would bring her back a totally independent and capable adult, and my second-born went off to experiment with hers. 2016 is definitely a year of changes, opportunities and adventures for so many.

So, after a cup of tea and a handful of tissues, I began to reflect on the day and realised this is when it all starts. This is the first day for us too. Our new adventure starts here  – not because we have clients, buyers, or only a suitcase of belongings – but because this is when it all falls into to place. Steve and I have reached a stage, crossed a border – our children are officially adults and we are officially … ?

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