Tuesday, March 8, 2016

5 Garage Sales On

Well, this is how our pergola looks after five garage sales. I think we can safely say that although a lot of our things have gone, we're still left with a whole load of bits that need a new home – and price is not the deciding factor. How can I be sure of that? Because, for our last garage sale, we priced everything at a gold coin for ten items and we're still left with this!

So what does that mean? Two things as far as I can see – maybe our junk really is junk, and secondly, we have to be more creative with our shifting.

When we started with the sales the plan was to make at least a small amount of money – which we did. But as the number of garage sales we held increased that focus clearly decreased. In fact, to be honest, after a couple of weeks if somebody had turned up with a truck and a few hundred dollars, Steve would have happily loaded everything onto their truck.

Now the garage sales are just becoming frustrating. They're taking up time, having everything stored outside the house is distracting and probably not increasing our chances of getting an offer on the house, plus it feels like it's keeping us attached to the house when we really need to feel our connection to this house and lifestyle lessening.

So our decision… hold on to the minimal items we need for living (no matter how many times we've been asked for desks, televisions and fridges) and try out other ways of moving our goodies. Options like Gumtree, Facebook's buy and sell pages, and Paying-it Forward are at the top of the list. Funnily enough one of the biggest concerns isn't making a stack load of money from our everyday bits (although it would be nice), but simply shifting them off our property. There is, after all, only so much a green wheelie bin can hold – and even now we have enough for at least another six weeks.

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