Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pin, Prickle Or Glass (part two)

Back in January I wrote a blog post mumbling on about the challenges we were going through with the ridiculous number of punctures we’d been attracting. Something that isn’t particularly appealing when the bike is your primary source of transport!

Well, a couple of months on, I have to say our new inner tubes have made a truly tremendous difference. (Here’s hoping that talking about them isn’t going to trigger a hole.)

It seems we often as a universe discuss how technology and various aspects of lifestyles have changed over the decades, but I never really considered that to include the advances in bicycle inner tubes. Did you? But truth is, when it came to researching our options, there were many more choices than I’d ever considered.

Did you know for example that there are inner tubes that come completely filled with sludge. So much sludge, in fact, that any incurred hole is instantly filled with this solidifying gunk negating any chances of a flat tyre.

Or how about a tyre that doesn’t need an inner tube! A tyre that you can see through because it’s made of something resembling a large holed mesh - plus to make it even more appealing it comes in a variety of popular colours!

But whilst both of these might do a great job, the more acceptable (and proven in our case) are the inner tube which is less likely to get punctured because it’s made of extra thick rubber. A rubber that’s simply harder for a prickle to get through Or better still… how about an inner tube that’s made of this thick rubber plus lined with a layer of gunk to instantly plug the rare hole?

After much research the latter of these options is the one we (or rather Steve) eventually chose, and they’ve done a great job… not one puncture in months!

So if you’re riding around at all I would strongly recommend them. They might be a bit of pain to replace if you’ve got gears on the back wheel (in which case you might want to consider a trip to a bike shop), but we found the effort and extra expense definitely worth while. Thought I’d share the update just in case it’s of any use…


  1. What wonderful information dear. Al the cycling I used to do not once did I think of the types that are available. I must tell June today about it.

  2. Thank you! You know me happy to help, and like I said, the insightful advances in inner tubes and tyres over the years isn't necessarily common knowledge.


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