Monday, July 3, 2017


We’ve had a bit of challenge in the last few days... believe it or not - somebody (no names mentioned… What Steve? No never!) accidentally wiped ALL of our house-sitting emails. Not just some, but every single one of them, which in our current lifestyle equates to just about burning down the entire contents of our filing cabinet!

And not deleted as in, ‘OOPS! Good job deleted only means the emails have been transferred from the email programme to the Deleted folder so I can get them back.’ But deleted as in, ‘Oh darn! I wish I hadn’t pressed that button because now I remember that Gmail’s deleted means they have very kindly just wiped all our emails off the face of this world! Oh drat!’

So how did it happen?

Steve was busy tidying up all the files on his computer, as we have to do every so often. But this time the process of tidying also included sorting and clearing his emails because he knew all the important ones were safely stored on my computer as well. Then, well, he just got kind of… carried away, I guess. His logic being that if I’m the one writing and answering emails what’s the point of him having copies of them filling up the space on his hard drive. Sounds logical, right? Of course. Until you remember that his email address and mine are linked!

Something that I didn’t realise until later when I logged on to my computer to check my emails and guess what… they had all disappeared. I mean they had ALL disappeared! All the emails discussing individual house-sitting bookings! All the emails discussing arrival and departure times and dates! All the forms and details on bookings! Everything I had put to one side so it was always available and on hand! It had all gone!

Needless to say I was a little peeved… and the man, well he was a little flustered.

But thankfully, despite having been told numerous times over the last year things would be more streamlined if I kept all my notes on the computer the writer in me had rebelled. Consequently I keep a few handwritten notes with almost all the information I need - not quite enough - but almost.

So, therefore, if we seem to be asking you the same questions as before, please forgive us. We hope the recent changes to our paperwork system will negate the risk of this slight hiccup happening again - but no promises.

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