Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Celebrating The Life Of A Digital Nomad!

Now, there’s no doubt that Steve and I are living the life of Digital Nomads (and having a great time at it), but sometimes there’s no denying it’s more Digital than others. This a last week, for example, was definitely a more so than others week - and a bit more exciting too.

Why? You might ask. Hmmmm? Let me think… should I really tell you? Oh, what the heck, why not?

Well… as of a week or so ago… I launched my own Online Writing School - exciting, huh? 

Of course I’ve been doing online courses for a stack of years, mainly through emails or touring. Then in the last few years I did Powerpoint style ones (‘Writing Skills: Go from average to great writer overnight!’ and ‘Write and Publish Short Stories Based on Life Experiences’). While just this month I released my third online course (Effective Goal Setting for Writers) which is entirely video, and simply me rabbiting on about all kinds of important and helpful insights that make a difference. Such is the advancement of technology. But regardless of the presentation, the courses have (thankfully) all proven to be popular and valuable.

But (believe it or not) this month didn’t just see the release of my Online Writing School and new course, it also saw the release of my newly updated writing website (

In fact, there were so many things crossed off my To Do list in the last few weeks I decided ‘What the heck!’ and am currently celebrating by offering a huge discount on the price of all three of my online courses.

What’s more, now that I have the school and website up and running I have the freedom and base to get started on a whole stack of other things! YAY! Long live the life of Digital Nomads! (We’ll just ignore the fact it took a year, okay?)


Just in case you’re interested in finding out more about the courses, or know somebody who might be, you’ll find out all you need to know at Enjoy! 

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