Thursday, October 27, 2016

Where Would You Be Without A Fridge Door?

Have you ever contemplated on how much a fridge tells you about a person? I don't mean by what it has in it, or just by what it has on the door, but also by how everything is displayed.

As a writer, I’ve always found characters and traits interesting. It is, after all, not only the basis of all fiction writing, but a big part of writing for your market as well - no matter what your genre. 

Now, though, as Steve and I travel from one home to another and constantly make new friends, the concept has never been clearer. Especially since every fridge, in every home, seems to be as unique as every person.

There’s no doubt that fridge doors make excellent notice boards and holders of important information, but what is actually kept, where it’s put, and how it’s put there, is just as indicative of a person’s character.  We’ve used fridges that have doors which are completely untouched, except for a few small, neatly placed, hand-written notes, to the other extreme of using fridges that are completely covered with lifetimes of family photos - completely covered. Plus, of course, fridges with every amount in between as well.

Don’t forget, also, that most fridges have a collection of magnets that reflect their owner’s views and outlook, and are used as a space to ensure relevant business cards, vouchers, flyers and other important information is on hand. In fact, just last month, I urgently needed a dentist and (not being used to the area we were in) the first place I went was the fridge door.

Makes you wonder what people did before fridges and magnets - or, from a writer’s point of view, what (how and where) a story’s characters would have kept on their fridge door. 


  1. our friends fridge and freezer door is covered with magnets - no notes - just magnets - I wonder what that says about them? My fridge door is covered - photos, notes, business cards etc. Yes a great way to quickly find information when you need it!

  2. Yes, and judging by the comments I've been getting, Jill, a great way to get people looking at fridges from a totally different perspective - especially their own :-)
    Only magnets is something different. Were they interesting magnets?


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