Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Say 'Cheese'!

A couple of weeks ago I found my camera, it was one of the many things I came across while sorting. You know, one of those things that had been found, then put somewhere ‘safe’ so that it didn’t get lost again, which (of course) meant that it did.
Anyway, over the months that I’d been waiting for it to resurface, I’d been trying to decide whether to keep it, sell it or store it. After all, I can take pictures with my phone, and Steve is an expert and excellent photographer, but then (as those who know me know) I don’t have the steadiest of hands, so if I am going to take photos I really do benefit from my camera’s Optical Image Stabilisation (or, in simple words, ‘anti-shake’). 
Well, today, while trying not to fall over as I weeded an awkward part of the current garden we’re house-sitting, I think I came up with the answer – I’m going to keep it.
Why, you might ask?
Because, as I stood there, looking like a total twit – one arm holding on to the wall behind me, bum in the air, all of me wobbling as I tried not to fall flat on my face (or squash the plants), and extremely grateful for the wall creating a barrier between me and the passing public – Steve happened to wander past with his camera. Something he’s doing a lot these days as he collects a wonderful range of exciting, unique and creative photos. However, he’s also gathering some of me that aren’t quite as... elegant and flattering as I might like.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the odd realistic shot. My ego isn’t that big. However, the situation just made me realise… now how should I word it… that if our blog only contained Steve’s photos (as wonderful as they are) surely our portrayal of the house-sitting life would be biased and one-sided.
Don’t you agree?
Wouldn’t you like our blog to be more balanced, and include some pics of the man too?
I certainly would and, to me, that alone seems reason to keep my camera. Therefore, I thought I might start taking some photos of our adventure too.
Now I just have to remember how to use my camera and to keep it on hand.


  1. Delighted you found your camera. I look forward to seeing many pictures!!

  2. Thanks, Dorrie. It's so long since I've taken a photo I'm not entirely sure how they'll turn out, but at least I'll have fun trying.


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