Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our First Fortnight

First, to those who noticed, apologies for no post last week. The days kind of got away from me, and the need for sleep-ins and naps became rather overwhelming – a reaction to having finally finished so many of the tasks that we’d been working at over the months I assume. Of course, I’d love to say that all said tasks were completed, but believe it or not there’s STILL some sorting and selling to be done! Still!
Despite that, if asked, the most poignant and memorable moment of the last two weeks was when our dear friend backed his truck up to our carport before taking away our carefully-packed plastic tubs to be stored. Let me tell you, there is nothing quite like looking at two cubic metres of belongings and asking yourself, ‘Is this all my life amounts to?’
It’s enough to make you catch your breath and reconsider your place in the world.

So what else has happened in the last fortnight?
Well, Steve and I have had a great time settling into the new lifestyle of house-sitting, and it’s all going very well. The dog we’re looking after is absolutely gorgeous and the area we’re in is great. All in all an excellent place to start our new career.
There’ll be more later (no doubt) about adjustments and insights, and all the other fun things we’re learning, but first my biggest challenge – just to make you smile.
Don’t get me wrong, I knew I’d need to learn a whole stack of things, but my first big challenge has really taken me by surprise. I mean, let’s face it, it’s an unfamiliar house, unfamiliar suburb, unfamiliar lifestyle, unfamiliar dog, in fact just about everything around me is strange - except for Steve (well!) and my biggest challenge… being able to throw a ball, using a plastic ball-thrower, and not hit Steve with the ball!
I know the wand-thingy is meant to be easy, but… well… all I can say is if you see us down at the park, and I’m using it to throw the ball for the lovely dog we’re minding… be careful. I’m still learning and who knows where that ball is going to land.


  1. SOLD!!! Delighted to know that the FOUR letter word has finally fulfilled your dreams.

  2. Thanks :-) Now the adventure really begins...

  3. I would consider hitting Steve with the ball a great success. In fact once I had picked myself up off the ground after I'd finished howling with laughter, my aim would have been for him every time. A target that has varying facial expressions whenever you hit it is a great incentive, or is that just me? :D

    1. LOL! Interesting thought, although I don't think it would just be the facial expressions that changed, but the verbal reactions too.

  4. We are so grateful to you both for caring for the demanding but loverly Miss Jezabelle xxx

    1. It's definitely our pleasure, Sharon. Jezabelle is a delight to look after and no doubt she's also having a wonderful time training us. :-)


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