Thursday, April 21, 2016

Our First House-sit

There's no doubt that Steve and I are getting impatient for our house-sitting adventure to start – by which I mean, actually house-sit as opposed to prepare for it. We've done so much groundwork and planning, clearing and sorting, discussing and thinking...

One of the main challenges to physically starting is getting the timing right. After all, there's no point in setting up a long list of houses to go and sit, if it means our house is empty while we sit them because we haven't yet sold it, but then neither do we want to sell our house and have nowhere to stay.

It's a transition that would be easier, I guess, if we were renting out our house (instead of selling it) or had local family to go and stay indefinitely with, but since we don't, our first house-sitting job starts this week and we still have our own house and dog to sit!

Of course, we also have the added advantage of there being two of us (most house-sitters sit on their own).

So what does that mean?

It means, Steve gets to start the actual physical house-sitting part of our new adventure first and by himself, while I get to prove how capable and independent I am living on my own! I also get to remember (for the first time in thirty years) how to exist without a car!

Hmm? Why is it that I have this funny feeling that the next few weeks are going to be filled with all kinds of smiles and learning curves?


  1. Smiles and learning curves are great! What an adventure.

  2. You're not wrong there, Dotti. What would life be without them :-)


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