Friday, April 15, 2016

Buy, Rent, Sell

Yet another Home Open this weekend. We've had so many now, I've lost count – not that I was really counting in the first place.

There've been plenty of reports in the News recently about how slow the current housing market is, and how the prices have dropped. There's even been chat amongst neighbours about other homeowners who can't sell their houses for the same price they paid in the boom eight years ago!

All of which has led to discussions at home about whether we should consider renting instead of selling. It's something we considered for a little while, after all, many house-sitters choose to rent out their house so that they have somewhere to move back to or some form of security, to say nothing of an extra income or the mortgage being paid off.

But there are advantages to selling too, especially when you consider that our change to the house-sitting lifestyle is to make our life more relaxed and simplified, something that doesn't seem supported by taking on renters. In other words, renting out the house (even through an agent) gives us something else to think about – hence the reason to keep our house on the market. To say nothing of the fact that, wouldn't it be great if, during our travels, we saw our dream house and could spontaneously buy it cash!

Therefore, with tomorrow being Sunday – the perfect day for a Home Open – we're planning another trip to the local coffee shop and park (so as to avoid the hoards of home buyers who will be flooding eagerly to see our house), before coming back to a stack of amazing offers for the house.

I'm not quite sure who enjoys the trips to the park most: Steve taking his photos, me having my coffee or Rockee meeting other dogs.

What do you mean nobody is buying houses?
We don't have to follow the trend… we're going on an exciting and life-changing adventure and creating our own future!

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