Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Sorting

Well, it's taken a good few years, but we've finally done it, we finally found the back of the shed. Yes, believe it or not we have actually waded through all the standard shed contents, plus a whole stack of off-cuts, worn-outs, keep-for-laters, and even a few just-in-cases. Not that it any of it went very far, most of it is now under the pergola.

The good news is though that it is now in specific piles, all of which makes the sorting easier to deal with (and the disorganisation easier to live with). Although to the untrained eye it might look like a total mess, there are actually four piles. We have a Rubbish Pile, a Sell Pile, a Store Pile and the Must-Keep-And-Take-With-Us Pile.

The next step, along with so much more sorting, is this week to order a skip to take away all the rubbish. Hopefully, we'll gauge the right size one - otherwise, we'll be running up and down the street early each Tuesday for the next month helping our neighbours fill their bins.

As to the selling pile, we had planned on having a Garage Sale this coming Sunday until we saw the weather forecast was for 38 degrees! Suddenly it didn't seem like a good idea anymore (can't think why) and we're now planning one for Sunday week.

There's no two way about it, having all this junk outside our kitchen window is a little distracting, but having somewhere to put things as soon as they're sorted is definitely making clearing easier – and more appealing. After all, there's nothing appealing about clearing out a cupboard, desk, or drawer if you know that once it's done you're just going to be left with a stack of oddments in the middle of the carpet. 

So there you have it, sorting is one heck of a job – challenging, exhausting and distracting – but it certainly makes it feel like things are happening.

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