Saturday, January 23, 2016

How It All Began

Two months ago if somebody had suggested Steve and I become full-time house-sitters… we'll I don't think I'd have laughed in their faces (that's rude after all), but I certainly wouldn't have considered it a serious option. 

Truth is, Steve and I were ready for a change, even if we weren't particularly sure what the change would be. We'd never been particularly good at living the traditional nine-to-five life, although we'd given it a good go for the last twenty-plus years for the sake of our two daughters, but they were off learning to be independent and we, much to our surprise, found ourselves free to explore the world and rediscover ourselves.

But where do you start? After so many years of convention and limitation how do you know which way to look?

The only thing we did know was that our new life could officially start in April when it would just be the two of us rattling around in our well-loved family home. So as is a norm for me, I simply trusted my instinct and that 'the path' would appear AND, equally as important, that I would notice it.

Thankfully, true to form, it did. But it was nowhere near to what I expected.
In the two weeks after our realisation it seemed as if I every time I chatted to somebody about our half-baked plans, they raised the topic of house-sitting. It was truly amazing, conversations went from everything bar house-sitting to everything to do with house-sitting – people knew house-sitters, hired house-sitters, quoted articles on house-sitting, shared stories on house-sitting, the list went on. The discussions on the topic were endless, and even though I didn't twig for the first week that this might be 'the path', by the second week I was in no doubt. There was some conspiracy going on. So I mentioned it to Steve, who did some research… and here we are starting one of the biggest, craziest, and thrilling adventures of our lives. Starting off by selling just about every single thing we own.

So please come join us, explore the world with us and be part of our blog.

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