Friday, February 3, 2017

Did You Know It Still Existed?

I have to admit, it all took me a bit by surprise - as much because it was possible, as just because it happened.

I mean, I know I’ve become more internet and technology minded over the last few weeks (maybe even months), the last blog post says that, but even so… to be thrown by this…

This is something that should affect people who are permanently attached to their phones and tablets, not me!

After all, I remember a life when you weren’t constantly and instantly contactable. I remember a time when you could go all day without receiving a message from somebody. I even remember a time when constantly carrying enough coins to use a public phone box was considered not just wise, but essential.

Why then (considering all that) am I still thrown by the fact that I’m sitting below a majestic Red Gum, surrounded by blue wrens, being dive-bombed by butterflies, all to the constant soundtrack of cicadas and a summer breeze, and yet still trying to adjust to the fact that I can only be contacted by email, and (believe it or not) actual, personal, physical interaction?

Tell me, am I the only person who didn’t know there were still entire towns in Western Australia that were out of mobile phone range?

Yes, I accept that some houses choose not to have a landline. In fact, the last three houses we stayed in opted just for mobile phones, and no corded ones! But complete towns where my mobile phone won’t work…

I can still take photos with it, though, and connect to the internet, check the weather, check where I am and where I’m going, heck, I can even play my favourite word game on it. In fact, my phone can currently do a whole load of things… if only one of them was make a phone call!

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