Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Do you know, I’ve never kept a blog before… or at least not for long. They’ve been a bit like the journals I’ve kept, started with enthusiasm and excitement that doesn’t last for more than a month or so, then they’re left to drift and fade. So the fact that I’ve kept this blog for a year is pretty impressive in my world (even if the posts haven’t appeared online quite as weekly as they were meant to).

Of course, there was a sincere motivation for keeping this blog up-to-date. It was created not only to offer insights on Steve and me to people we could potentially house-sit for, and to pass on helpful information to novice house-sitters. It was also to reassure friends and family across the world that even if we couldn't keep in regular contact (or catch up for regular coffees) they could still know we were okay and having fun experiencing our new way of life. All reasons that give me the gentle nudge, or extra impetus, needed to actually come up with a topic and put the words on the page.

However, today (as I reflected on the blog post that had just taken me two hours to write, only to decide that it was too similar to one of last month’s to actually post) I realise I’m heading towards a long break between posts. A lengthy time lapse that the recent festive celebrations can’t even justify… or at least I don’t think so, considering I’ve completed a year, a whole year!

I like writing, it feels like a physical part of me. So for that, and the above reasons, I intend to keep adding posts to this blog (hopefully more regularly than I did this December). After years of writing for publishers there’s a certain enjoyment in the freedom of writing for myself - I can say what I want, make the articles as long as I like, miss ‘due dates’, and create my own Submission Guidelines. But there’s also the - what do my readers want to hear? How do I know if readers return? Am I achieving my goals?

Like I say, I do intend to keep blogging, but I would so love to know if there’s anything in particular you like/dislike about this blog or would like me include (insights, topics, answers, information, etc). It would make such a difference for me to have even the vaguest idea.

So is there any chance you could spare me a couple of minutes?

Go on, tell me what you think. Tell me anything - how good is that offer?

Just for example:
Do you want to hear more about the general details and challenges of house-sitting?
Do you want to know more about our daily life and unexpected incidents?
Do you agree with my philosophies on life?
What makes you decide to read a new post as soon you know about it, or leave it til later?
What would make you Follow the blog so that you’re informed immediately there’s a new post, or make a ‘Comment’, or even ‘Share’ it online?

Yes, I know… the questions could go on forever. That’s just the kind of person I am, I guess. Any way, if you have time I would love to know. Even if you don’t want to leave a Comment at the end of this post and would rather send a couple of anonymous words through the Contact Us page on our www.housesittinglife.com. Anything would be truly appreciated, and who knows, make this blog more fun to read. So please…

Thank you  


  1. Happy New Year Lizzie & Steve <3 :). I was so excited to realise that you both have been housesitting now for a year! I'm sure you both have grown in many areas of your lives....especially your hair Lizzie :)! When I look at this photo of your shortish hair & then at the most recent great one of you both radiating those smiles & the length of your very long hair, what a difference & what an achievement on your part Lizzie. I expect Steve's plait is also growing in length?
    Pete & I agree that this housesitting life DEFINITELY agrees with both of you. So everyone benefits from your choice of lifestyle - the house owners you sit for, any pets that live in the houses you sit in & of course yourselves in many ways. May you both continue to enjoy this housesitting life & hopefully Pete & I can catch up with you both soon as you venture into your second year of being digital nomads <3 :) xxx

  2. Yes, the year goes fast doesn't it, Alana? It's actually 6 mths organising and 6 mths house-sitting, but either way it's been our main priority for a year.
    Thank you so much for your kind words - about our lifestyle and smiles - being digital nomads certainly seems to suit us. xxx

  3. Lizzie,I love reading your posts, though I don't always comment. I think it would be fun for folks if you did add in a challenging or unusual event each week. Maybe it could be something along the lines of one thing we did expect....and one thing we didn't....

    1. Thanks heaps, Melissa, for taking the time to offer your ideas and for reading. Definitely a great idea, some how I feel like I've got away from the journal kind of blog posts. So I'll put some more thought into that - especially since I'm sitting here trying to decide what to make my next post on. Thanks, Melissa :-)


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