Thursday, August 4, 2016

One Month On...

It’s been just about a month since we officially started our ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle, so I thought I’d give you an overall update of insights and changes.
Firstly, I’m embarrassed to say Steve is still – occasionally – having to move rather quickly to avoid the ball when I throw it for the dog. (Of course that could be due to the fact that he’s learnt to stand further away from me in the park while he’s taking his photos rather than because I’m getting better at using the plastic, ball-throwing, wand thingy.
I am relieved, however, to say my irrational fears are lessening. Which ones? The one of the homeowner’s family turning up, unannounced, and saying things like, ‘you missed that corner when you vacuumed’. Aren’t minds strange things?
Talking of which, when I think of our old family home – the one we lived in for around 18 years, but sold and moved out of last month – why do the images in my head and heart blend with my childhood family home in the UK – most peculiar. I know I have a quirky, creative brain, but even so…
Of course this is just how I’ve adjusted, Steve is still as laid-back as ever, and taking everything in his stride. Once he found the appropriate drawers for things in the kitchen, and which light switch turns on which light, nothing seemed to faze him.
We recently listed with a couple of online house-sitting websites and have been having a wonderful time being swamped with offers to house-sit and also applying for some. The sites make things so much easier, but even before listing word of mouth had spread and we had to turn down a few offers (because we were already booked) – we also took on one over Christmas though.
There have been many wonderful things about the last month, but on a logical level, the time has really helped with defining where our future lies, and what’s required. Which in turn has helped us define what we really need to take with us for this minimalistic lifestyle, and as such made our last clearout (please God! Let it be our last!) easier.
Yes, believe it or not, there is still more. Even Tanya, down the road from our family home, (who had no option but to see things as she drove past) was shocked! Heck, I’m shocked!
After all the selling, storing and trips to Op Shops you’d think we’d be done – but there’s still the stuff you keep because it’s consumable and might be useful because, after all, you’re still not quite sure which way things are going to go. But honestly, do I really need 12 bars of soap? The pack of rice that neither of us really like? And, at last count, I had close on two dozen notebooks – I am a writer after all, but two dozen! Especially when I tend to use my tablet and keyboard rather than pen and paper! But they look so nice… And don’t even ask me how many pens, or even my favourite pencils, I have. UGH!
So maybe, I’ll celebrate our month’s anniversary by taking the lovely dog we’re minding to the park, not hit anyone with the ball, make myself a cuppa and finally get all this sorting done. What do you think?



  1. Was having a laugh with a friend today, who asked if I can't use the ball-throwing stick why was I using it? Good question really because I used to love just throwing the ball for Rockee. Truth is...
    I don't want to be beaten by it...
    I want to learn a new skill...
    And, there is (perhaps) just a vague enjoyment in seeing the look on Steve's face as we wonder where it will land, but only vague :-)

  2. Wow! This all came as a bit of a shock, but then I must admit I do know you're unconventional. I can see a best seller arising from this. I'd just like to say, "Good on yer." - Peter R

  3. Thank you for your support, Peter :-) You know how it is in life, sometimes you just have to do something.
    I hope things are going well in your world. It's good to hear from you.

  4. I love the upgrades to your website, Lizzie! And it looks like you guys are having a blast! Living out a dream a lot of us have - being unfettered, seeing new places! Hope those home sitting jobs keep pouring in!

  5. Definitely having fun, Melissa, seeing, trying and learning tonnes. To say nothing of spending most of my time playing with dogs and writing :-)


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