Thursday, June 23, 2016

Send It Where?

We're now at the exciting stage of our adventure where everything needs redirecting – but you know what… that's a little tricky when you have nowhere to redirect it to!

We still have our PO Box for a few more months, but that requires us being in the area to empty it or paying the ongoing fee for having our mail redirected (and that's providing the PO would be happy with us constantly changing the address the mail has to be redirected to!)

The solution… again… understanding friends who will let us use their address!

But how about this – would you believe it – despite the wonderful advances in technology and the wide variety of lifestyles – there are still a lot of companies, services and all kinds of businesses that won't deal with you unless you have a bricks and mortar address? That's the aspect of this that I find most interesting and confronting.

After all, don't truly homeless people have to deal with services? What about people, with no family or friends, who travel constantly, don’t they need to be contactable? I know emails and mobile phones aren't the perfect answer, but they are an answer.

After all, if you can communicate with somebody by mobile phone and email, isn't that really enough? Yes, a mailing address might make the transition to a greener environment (i.e. less unnecessary printed matter) easier, but is it essential for everyone?

There you go, there's my thought for this week. What are your thoughts on it, how would you exist in an envelope-free society?

In the meantime, I'm still monitoring everything that arrives in the mailbox and redirecting or cancelling everything I can. But on the other hand, it's amazing how much less mail we'll be getting when we won't have all the household and utility bills to pay.

Apologies for no regular post last week, as you might expect things have been getting a little more chaotic here than usual, and just to make things even more exciting I went down with a head cold. Still, I think we're over the hump of everything now and working towards Moving Day (6th June).

COUNTDOWN: 13 days

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